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Go, Discovery! Go!

Go, Discovery!  Go!

At 11:38 am (EDT) today the shuttle Discovery lifted off from Kennedy Space Center, Florida, and made a safe, flawless, and beautiful ascent to space. Within the next hour, the Mission Control Center in Houston, Texas, will give Discovery a ‘Go for orbital ops,’ meaning that all essential tasks to turn the . . .

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October 23, 2007

CoD Part 3, Faith and Obedience

As was pointed out in my first post on Cost of Discipleship, much of what Bonhoeffer has to say deals with the apparent disconnect between our confession of Christ and our lack of obedience to the commands of Christ. Given his historical context (Nazi Germany) and the actions of so many 'Christians' in the Third Reich, it doesn't . . .

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October 21, 2007

Amusement (16 Oct)

It's been a while since we've had any a-musement around here, and given the geographical distribution of my family thought this was perfect. Here is a quiz that alleges to be able to tell where you grew up based on your pronunciation of different words (i.e., your accent). HT to Sarahfor this totally nailed that I'm a . . .

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October 16, 2007

CoD Part 2, Justifying Sinners or Sin?

Though I've read ahead in CoD by now, I cannot help but return to the first chapter again and again for Bonhoeffer's discussion of cheap versus costly grace. He wrote to address the situation of WWII Germany, but his voice heralds like a prophet to contemporary Evangelicalism. As he discusses the differences between cheap and costly . . .

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October 09, 2007

Speaking About Christ

I read this today over at Steve Camp's blog...and it speaks volumes about the hip, relevant, new Evangelicalism that is little more than irreverent, ungodly, silly drivel:


"Roughly two thousand years ago, Jesus was born in a dumpy, rural, hick . . .

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October 05, 2007

A Foggy Morning Illustration

This morning as I went outside, I was greeted by the first foggy morning we've had in a while. As I listed to the words of the Kyrie of one of Schubert's masses playing softly (Kyrie eleison; Christe eleison; Kyrie eleison...Lord have mercy; Christ have mercy; Lord have mercy), I was struck by what an awesome illustration I was seeing . . .

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October 02, 2007

The Truth Behind Sputnik

It's better than Hollywood... Sputnik

With this week marking the 50th anniversary of the launch of Sputnik, the Earth's first artificial satellite, the interesting truth behind the events of the day have finally surfaced. Not surprisingly, the Soviets were more interested in nuking the US than opening the space race. What is a . . .

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October 01, 2007