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the marks of a true church

or when does a church cease to be a church?

Have you ever stopped to ask, "What makes the Church the Church?" In other words, what makes the Church unique among the countless gatherings of humanity throughout all time and around the world?

It's not just that we talk about Jesus. Sunday school classes, universities, and seminaries do that. It's not just even . . .

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September 02, 2022

who is splitting the church?

dividing over one issue...not so fast

Are Methodists really dividing solely over the issue of human sexuality? As I've said before, I think the answer is a resounding 'no.' But let's assume I'm wrong. After all, it happens all the time. Let's assume that human sexuality is the only issue dividing the UMC. Which side made it the issue?

I've . . .

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August 30, 2022

did God really say?

a progressive hermeneutic of doubt

hermeneutic: noun, a method or principle of interpretation, especially of the Bible

Most liberal / progressive seminaries (and even some evangelical seminaries) teach a form of biblical interpretation known as 'higher criticism.' This approach to studying the Bible, also known as the 'historical-critical method,' came . . .

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August 26, 2022

how did we get here?

the state of the UMC: a root cause analysis

When you get sick and go to a doctor for treatment, she won't just treat the symptoms but works to treat and eliminate the cause so you don't get sick again. When something breaks on your car, your mechanic doesn't just replace the broken part but tries to determine if there is anything else going on that needs to be corrected to . . .

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August 24, 2022

dusting off my keyboard

why I'm writing again

Wow. It's been a long time since I've written anything...nearly back in the time of lockdown! In fact, it's been so long that some of you may have forgotten that you subscribed to my blog. If you don't want to receive updates any longer, please unsubscribe via the link in the email that brought you here. You won't hurt my . . .

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August 20, 2022


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