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Presidential musings...

In case anyone else is less than excited by our Presidential options this fall, allow me to make the following suggestion to the American populace:

Any objections???  No, seriously???

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April 11, 2008


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"Young at Heart"

Driving to work this morning, listening to NPR's "Morning Edition" as is my routine, I heard a great story about a music group I'd really like to see sometime. The group is called Young at Heart, and this is part of their story:

When the Young@ Heart began in 1982 the members all lived in an elderly housing . . .

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April 10, 2008

China, the Olympics, and Prison

In case anyone out there missed it, the Summer Olympics will be held in Beijing, China this year.  You may have seen or heard some of the murmurings about protests, etc. as the olympic torch makes its way around the world--protests mainly centered around Tibet.  What has flown under the radar, at least in my sheltered little world, . . .

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April 09, 2008

More Diognetus...

I am now re-reading the Epistle to Diognetus for the fifth or sixth time and picking up something I previously missed each time I pick it up again.  Last time, I quoted extensively and wrote some thoughts on Diognetus' discussion of Christ as the gracious self-revelation of God to humanity.  Similarly, we read later in the . . .

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April 09, 2008

Transcendence and Immanence...

During my morning prayer / Bible reading / quiet time / meditation this morning, I found myself confronted with two radically different depictions of God's presence that resulted in the same human response. The psalm reading appointed for this morning (per the lectionary in LSB) was Psalm 99, a stirring, and lofty depiction of our . . .

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April 02, 2008

Reading Diognetus

Not long ago, I picked up the third edition of The Apostolic Fathers: Greek Texts and English Translations (ed. and trans. by Michael Holmes). What in the world are the Apostolic Fathers? As stated in the introduction:

The term "Apostolic Fathers" is traditionally used to designate the collection of the earliest extant . . .

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March 27, 2008