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a couple of superb ESV editions

When not wrestling with Greek in the LXX and NT, I spend most of my English bible reading in three versions: the ESV, the HCSB, and the NLT. Due to some of the difficult phrasing in the ESV and the fact that I minister mostly to folks who are younger and unfamiliar or turned off by its traditional wording, I spend the least amount of time in the ESV. That said, Crossway keeps me coming back again and again because of the superb editions they publish--editions that sometimes fill a very specific reader niche and aren't likely to be huge sellers but are nonetheless treasured by bibliophiles for various reasons.

Last fall, I picked up a copy of the ESV Single Column Legacy Bible for no other reason than its typesetting and layout. Sounds crazy, I know, but the layout of this bible makes it an absolute dream to read. Mark Bertrand did an excellent three-part series on this edition beginning with this post . I highly recommend jumping to his site and reading the series to get a picture for what went into this edition.

ESV Single Column Journaling Bible , and fell in love with this new edition. The layout is amazing--single column (obviously), super wide margins, and a creamy page color similar to that used by the German Bible Society in their Greek and Hebrew texts. Best of all, as a chaplain who needs a bible that can be tossed in a rucksack and dragged all over creation for worship services, bible study, and counseling, it has the same hard cover and elastic flap similar to the original Journaling bible and Moleskine notebooks. This bible may be the perfect chaplain's bible!

I shall post some photos in the next couple days for you to get an idea of this great little edition. Until then...

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