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"on Israel, the Church, and the Politics of Jesus" (link)

For many evangelical Christians, these matters are simple: Israel is God's side and therefore should be our side, and this about good versus bad, light versus darkness. Anything less than a ringing endorsement of all Israeli policies is seen as an affront to the living God. This position is largely determined by eschatological convictions (beliefs about the end of the world), in which Israel (as a modern nation-state) exists as a fulfillment of prophecy. For some evangelicals, if you send money to an organization that wants to bring Jews from around the world to Israel then you are less likely to get cancer or speeding tickets, or more likely to get a promotion at work. I have many suspicions about this entire project for many reasons, but I'd start with this simple premise...( continue )

This is the most well-reasoned, theologically astute essay I've read on Israel, the Church and (American) politics in a long time. I encourage you to read it all.

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